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Recently, those very nice people at offered us the chance to sample six of their offerings.  Who are we to refuse?

In the interests of keeping it real, this is not a sponsored post.  Wine Selectors offered us the opportunity to select six of their wines valued at up to $120 for review purposes.  Kimba Likes’ opinion cannot be bought.  


Wine Selectors started business in 1975 as a small retail space servicing the Hunter region.  35 years later, they have evolved to an online distributor with more than 200,000 customers.  You may have noticed the Wine Selectors kiosks located at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Airports.  They are also at the Wine Interpretive Centre at Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley.  Wine Selectors have their very own specialist Tasting Panel and even print Selector Magazine, which offers excellent subscription member benefits, just quietly.

I’m much more of a wine drinker than a wine reviewer, so I roped in the Welshman and a couple of friends, who, not surprisingly, took on the task with gusto.

Stand by for the Welshman’s inaugural blog post at Kimba Likes.  He’s reviewing the first three wines this week.  Stay tuned for his second review next week.




First off the block was the Sam Miranda Arneis 2010 – what’s that, I hear you ask?  Well, it’s a light to medium bodied wine, typically grown in Italy, but this one comes from the King Valley in Victoria.

It was delicious with a few nibbles, cheese and dips at the start of our afternoon.  It didn’t last long, which was a very good sign.

Excellent value at about $16 each.

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Next was the Josef Chromy Pinot Gris 2010.  Another variety coming into favour, and widely grown in Europe.  This one comes from Tassie, and is a lovely lemony, spicy drop with a long finish.

It’s quite dry and not sweet which I think can be a problem with a lot of Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigios. It was very delicious with our BBQ chicken, but I reckon it would go really well with pork, turkey or salmon too.

The winemaker, Josef Chromy, has won loads of awards and you can see why with this one.

Again, excellent value at about $20.

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We then went onto some red.  First off the block was a Grant Burge Mourvèdre Shiraz Grenache 2009.  Not everyone in Australia loves blended wines, but we liked this one.  Not too much oak, and not too full bodied.  It’s a great wine for an afternoon barbeque and went very well with our lamb chops.

It’s not as fruity as some on the market, and is quite savoury.

It’s currently on offer at about $10 a bottle which is an absolute steal.

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That was enough for the afternoon and the next tasting session is set up for next weekend.

Thanks very much to the Welshman for his excellent review notes.  I think he might have a new career ahead of him!  Stay tuned for next week’s review for the last three wines.



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