Spring has Sprung

What story do your pictures tell?

The lamb won the game of blinkies


Peach blossoms in my Dad’s garden


Oh hai, it’s you again


I haz new camera, I will play


So pretty


Cherry blossoms in Darfield


Three days, 500 kilometres

Boyo and I popped over to  Christchurch for a family catch up.  In three days, I saw all three brothers.  Some of them even spoke to the other ones.  This is a miracle.  I did buy a Lotto ticket but to no avail.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see the nieces as they were struck down with the bubonic plague scarlet fever and contagious.

I soaked up as much of my grandparents’ company as I could.  I love my Grandies.

In three days, we drove 500 kilometres.  Just getting to and from Dad’s house is a good 45 minute trip each way, not to mention the incidental driving.  Thank the gods for portable DVD players (and excellent headphones to save us all from the delights of Pokemon).

Spring had definitely sprung.  Canterbury was positively stuffed with daffodils, cherry blossoms and babies.  Oh, the lambies!

That’s the story my pictures told today.


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