Ziera Shoes loves Unstoppable Women

Ziera Shoes loves Unstoppable Women

I’ve teamed up with Ziera Shoes to talk about Unstoppable Women.

To begin with, it felt a little ironic.  I mean, life with chronic illness feels more stop than start some days.  Treatment is more of an art than a science.  To be honest, I feel like my life has slowed down to the point of stopping.

I have had to close down Kimba Likes Styling because I’m just not capable of running a styling appointment at the moment.

Some days I don’t get out of my PJs until lunchtime.  Some days, I wake up, makeup, get some shiz done, come home and get into a fresh pair of PJs.  Other days, I’m chief hunter gatherer, mama chauffeur, organiser and domestic goddess from morning til night.

I certainly don’t feel like an unstoppable woman.  But … when I sat down to think about it, I realised that I might actually be able to identify with being an unstoppable women.

Despite spending more than a dozen years with chronic illness, I haven’t given up.  I keep on keeping on.  I went back to work for a few years, when I went into remission.  I’ve been to the States, Europe, all around New Zealand and every state in Australia.  I studied and started a microbusiness.  I’ve supported my husband with his career, and we have raised an amazing kid. I’ve been happily married for more than 15 years.  I’ve been a volunteer and fundraiser for my local community.  I’ve worked with some amazing brands too.

Most of all, I’ve let my inner Silver Lining Girl out and remained happy and positive, even when things go from bad to worse.  Because I know that it is a cycle and there is every chance it will go around the other way too.  Right?

I am an Unstoppable Woman!

Ziera Shoes Unstoppable Women

What does this mean, exactly?  Ziera says it is –

  • giving as well as accepting a helping hand
  • being the best version of yourself
  • achieve the extraordinary every day
  • be unstoppable

I’m adding a few more –

  • celebrating the small wins just as much as the big ones
  • finding true joy in the simple things
  • being happy to be you
  • not accepting less in love and life than you expect – and deserve

For over 70 years Ziera has been empowering and supporting women, by making them feel and look great every step of their day. Ziera want to continue to celebrate women doing great things.  That might be being an amazing mum, running your own business, being a kickarse friend, doing great things in the community or just being the incredible woman that you are, every single day.

  • Ziera shoes live up to the everyday demands of women, who are getting on with their busy lives. Why not wear shoes that complement your style and lifestyle? Where most shoe companies use a standard universal mold, Ziera designs their own, to create maximum fit and comfort.
  • Comfort should never compromise style, and style should never compromise comfort! Ziera creates shoes that allow you to get on with everyday life.  In stylish comfort. Or comfortable style!

Wearing Ziera Shoes Neva sandals

Ziera Shoes Unstoppable Women

Ziera Shoes very kindly sent me a pair of Neva sandals in Rose Gold from their latest collection.  click here to shop

The leather is super soft and comfy, and the adjustable straps make dealing with swollen feet a breeze.  The Neva features a contoured inlay to cradle the feet, on the softest leather lining.  Throw in a rubber sole, memory foam cushioning, and support through the arch and metatarsals, and you can understand why I felt like an unstoppable woman wearing my Ziera Neva!

I have been wearing Ziera since I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease and needed more supportive shoes.  You will have spotted them many times in my daily style snaps.  I’m super proud to have teamed up with a brand I’ve loved for years.

Let’s continue the conversation.  Tell me when you feel like an Unstoppable Woman.

Ziera Shoes Unstoppable WomenZiera Shoes Unstoppable WomenZiera Shoes Unstoppable WomenZiera Shoes Unstoppable WomenZiera Shoes Unstoppable WomenZiera Shoes Unstoppable WomenZiera Shoes Unstoppable WomenZiera Shoes Unstoppable Women

Ziera Shoes Unstoppable Women

Ziera Shoes Unstoppable Women

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